(45hrs – $7,800)  Leaving @ 9 pm returning around 6 pm

This trip offers the extended range of the 1 ½ day, plus an extra day of fishing. Anglers on a 2-day have many more fishing options than our standard trips. For example, on the first day we may start fishing 100 miles from Mission Bay, then that night move to an area closer to port to fish the second day. A freshwater maker on the boat means unlimited showers for everyone.

Food for this trip will be a hot breakfast for both mornings and sandwiches or burgers for lunches. Sometimes we like to grill steaks for dinner the first day of fishing, and we will also have a hot meal for the ride home on Day Two. Snack food is available at all times during the trip. Just one note regarding the Two Day Trips on the Impulse: some groups find it more comfortable to limit their charter group to 4 or 5 anglers for a trip this long. Remember that your group will be in close quarters for 2 days.

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